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Thank Goodness for Broadband

We have been reviewing the traffic on our network to ensure we have sufficient capacity going forward. As you can see from the charts below, on average we are barely reaching 20% of capacity. So rest assured, even during these exceptional times with the current levels of home working/schooling, RRCN has it covered!

The TX channel is traffic from the resident towards the internet

The RX channel is traffic from the internet to the resident

Ordinarily the TX traffic is much lower than the RX.

There are numerous explanations of where the TX is shown at similar levels as the RX, e.g.

A subscriber is hosting a website or streaming capability

A subscriber may be moving data between locations/backup etc

The other two main observations to take away are:

  1. the peak utilisation (occasional peaks at between 20-40% of our current capacity, depending on which chart you view)


  1. the average utilisation of use over time, on average 10-20% capacity)

Annual Use

RRCN Annual Use

Last Quarter

RRCN Last Quarter

Last Month

RRCN Last Month

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