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And Now Let's Celebrate!

After all the work, COME AND HAVE SOME FUN!

Our MEP Anthea McIntyre is hosting an RRCN Lunch at Callow village hall on Friday 30th November at 12.30 p.m., so we can celebrate our broadband network achievement.

Brexit, Broadband and Beyond is also an opportunity to discuss the current issues which affect all of us, particularly our SME’s. So contact Sophie on 01432 270499 or email if you want to join us and bring a friend!


Just because our network is up and running, it doesn’t mean our work has finished. In one sense, we are only just beginning...

Now that we have created an efficient platform to access the internet, we want to use it to help. To that end we are applying for funding so we can take the next step. Ideas in the pipeline include:

More free workshops such as:-

  • Beat the Scammers

  • Bring your own device day

  • Strictly Scrabble and then take it home and carry on!

To appoint a Community Co-ordinator

More Community social events - lets ban those lonely winter blues Whether painting, dancing or exercise - it's more fun together...

These are just some examples. We will soon be getting in touch to see what you really want and if you have any other great ideas!

So watch this space...

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