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New Year/Safe Beginnings

A belated Happy New Year to all our subscribers and may 2020 bring you all you hope for! RRCN has made a strong start with another new investor joining us - welcome to the Debbie and Ian Miles from Kings Lynn. Hopefully your connection will be completed soon - weather permitting - so you too can enjoy the benefits of our

stable and reliable Community Broadband.

On the subject of Community, and with reference to our last blog, despite one of the worst weather nights of 2019, Paul Crumpton from West Mercia Police did brave the journey to Callow Village Hall at the end of last year as planned, to educate us about home security and cyber safety. You could have heard a pin drop for nearly two hours as we sat aghast and in awe of the information he presented to us. Everyone was glad they attended with comments such as:

'The cyber security evening was great by the way - well done for organising it. I learnt all sorts of useful, if scary, things! Thanks again...' Vicki

'I am so glad that I attended the easy to understand talk on Thursday. I had not realised quite how easy it can be for someone unknown to get hold of my private information on line, steal my car or use my credit card! However, the good news was that there are simple steps to take for this kind of crime prevention and the 'freebies' given to us, providing some protection, were much appreciated.' Barbara

And others have asked that we arrange another one: "There was so much information to take in, we could do with going through some of it again."

If there are others who also wish to attend, then please let Sophie know or advise us at the AGM and it will be arranged. We will be emailing his notes to all, as you may find the information and tips useful.

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