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Lock-down or Lock-in?

So here we all are staying at home apart from our amazing key workers, trying to do our bit to support the NHS and Country. We hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe and would repeat again, if you need any help, than please call us. It's what our Community Company is all about.

If anyone had told me when we started the dig a couple of years ago, how essential this broadband service would become, I would not have believed it. Thank goodness we were brave enough to go ahead or today we would not be able to see loved ones or work from home without it. And even the RRCN board managed to digitally get together in a skype meeting last week keeping the Community Company engines running...wonders never cease (ehm after a few hiccups of:"Press unmute on your screen. No press UNMUTE....Caroline are you there? No you don't need to phone as well...No Sophie we're not on zoom - turn on skype...etc. etc.).

So whether we are locked down or even locked in trying to shield from the invisible enemy out there, take care, keep your spirits up and fingers crossed that we can all meet again soon. In the meantime, how lucky are we to live in such a beautiful part of the countryside. (Photos taken by Barbara Walmsley on one of her many walks - thank you Barbara!)

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